Sunday, 22 February, 2009

Exploring Probability using Applets

Probability is one of my favourite area for exploration. I love to do probability experiment with my students of class 10. In my earlier years of teaching I used to actually experiment using a dice , a pair of die ,rolling them 200 times , 500 times. It was time consuming. But now, with the available applets on web, it has become easier and far more interesting . One may take as many readings on just clicking a mouse. Here is list of my favourite Applets.
  • Birthday Applet - Try it... In a group of 23 (or more) randomly chosen people, there is more than 50% probability that some pair of them will have the same birthday. For 57 or more people, the probability is more than 99%, tending toward 100%.
  • Tossing a coin Applet - Toss a coin as many times and calculate the probability of getting a Head or a Tail.
  • Spinner Applet - An interesting one to experiment on probability of spinning.
  • Racing Game with two dice
  • Marbles Applet

Thursday, 19 February, 2009

ETeachers of India

I am glad to share about a new network of upcoming e teachers of India . Bringing e teaching is not so easy. Teachers have to learn all concepts in new ways...e ways. I believe if we learn and share together , any big project can be handled with ease.
I am proud to put this badge here.