Friday, 17 August, 2007

Making a crossword

Solving crossword is a brainstorming activity. In teaching of mathematics,this strategy could be utilised effectively. But there is a scarcity of good crossword puzzles. Now, it is not a problem.By just a click of your mouse, you can make interesting and challenging crosswords for the students.

EclipseCrossword is an easy, fun way to create crossword puzzles. And the program is completely free.
This freeware is easy to use.
You simply enter a list of words, along with clues to go with each. Then, EclipseCrossword gets to work turning those words into a crossword puzzle.
EclipseCrossword comes with a tutorial that will have you creating crossword puzzles in no time. The simple interface makes the program easy to use, and there are many options and features that will help you get your crossword puzzles just the way you want them.
Once your crossword puzzles are completed, you can share them with others in a variety of ways. You can print them out. Or you can post them online in either in printable form, or as interactive crossword puzzles. A JavaScript or Java applet allows visitors to your website can solve online.
Create and print out crosswords or save them into either a web page, Microsoft word or text file. ...Try it

A sample Crossword created


2. has famous theorem for a right triangle
4. meaning measuring earth


1. a branch of mathematics
3. tool for solving a mathematics problem
5. father of geometry


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