Saturday, 8 September, 2007

Magical 7 pieces

Tangram is a chinese puzzle, which has added a creative enhancement dimension to the learning of mathematics.

Mathematics is taught in the classroom ,having more focussed approach on textbook and the syllabus. A classroom learning scenario can be changed by adding more value to the learning of the subject through creative involvement of mathematics other than the textbooks. One such technique is using tangrams for teaching various mathematics concepts. I have explored tangrams and its utility in mathematics taeching.
Here I am sharing, how tangrams can be added to a classroom for teaching concepts like area of geometrical figures viz. square, right triangle, parallelogram etc.
I asked my students to make tangram pieces on a graph paper from the instructions given on the following link

The students then calculated the area of each cut out shape by counting the complete squares and half squares method.

This way they learnt various properties of geometrical figures.

By paper folding tangram can be easily made. The instructions are explained on the following link

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