Tuesday, 13 November, 2007

Making Mathematics Interesting

Some tips and tricks to make mathematics interesting...

Introduce a topic by relating it with daily life, narrate a story,involve students.
Demonstrate some examples and leave rest for students to explore,call children to help you in solving the questions,they will feel important and involved.
Arrange one day in a week, when you are sitting and students are taking up the lessons ,turn wise. It instill confidence in students.
Give home work involving investigation,exploration, not just question solving from the text book.
Allow students to speak, express and write mathematics. This way they will learn to read ,speak and write correct mathematics.
Arrange some sessions of motivating them to read stories ,anecdotes about famous mathematicians and their contributions.
Show them mathematics. Provide them opportunities to visualise mathematics either by hands-on or by showing them readymade resources like Shiksha content CD/EFK content or something prepared by you.
Talk to them about the power of web resources. Tell them to utilise them effectively. Prepare some guidelines so that they do not waste time in surfing the internet.You may prepare a topic wise list of useful websites for them .
Give them sufficient knowledge of web tools/open source software ,like GeoGebra for learning geometry/algebra ,so that they can learn the subject in an interactive manner.
Arrange class competitions for exploring hidden talent in students. It may be a group activity like organising games/puzzles/vedic math demonstration/play etc by the students.
Appreciate work done by students. It is a source of motivation.

A small effort made by a teacher can change the life of many students


www.limeehai.com said...

I fully agree that a small effort by a teacher has great impact on the learning of his students. You have highlighted nice tips to make math interesting that come in useful.

Ben said...

That's great advice there! I especially agree with the importance of relating math to your daily life and having hands-on activities. Also, I've found the ebooks at http://www.dedicatedteacher.com a great help when putting together my lessons and units. They provide lots of great activities and strategies to grab the attention of students today. Great Blog!

Online Learning India said...

nice post..

Girish said...

Yes unless the topic is not connected to the real life sitution, learners will not find the purpose for studying it. Your pice of advice is really very useful

Melissa Wolozny said...

My awareness of math, is having a good attitude to learn math. This article is interesting because the teacher tries to help the student. Some teachers observe that student are doing an effort to learn math. Students can be better in a future, this article is helpful for those that are struggling with math.
Melissa Wolozny