Saturday, 5 January, 2008

Learning Symmetries e ways

The concept of symmetry plays an important role in learning mathematics. We in our routine teaching follow text book material for teaching this concept. This year, I tried a different approach for introducing students to mathematical symmetries. In my class, I used an interactive software programme creating beautiful symmetrical patterns called snowflakes. Through this programme, students created variety of mathematical designs. Working with this interactive tool is fun as we have a freedom to use a pair of scissors tool for cutting the paper. The best part of this software is ,once a flake is created you may e-mail it to a friend and save it as an image. My students created snowflakes at home and sent to me using e mail. Some of them used their creations as e-greeting cards .

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samccoy said...

Very impressive software! I am also a visually oriented person, and I learn well using pictures. I will investigate the uses of this software in math classes. Thanks for the ideas.

samccoy said...

These "observatories" are well developed. You have focused on an important topic, effective practice that already exists. Thanks, I will share this URL.

Lim Ee Hai said...

Symmetry is a nice topics for students. The visual impact it creates can be long-lasting. The e ways method is an exciting technique. Worth trying. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Person said...

I like the word "Learning". It make us focus on improving ourselves. Things are changing fast. This post you publish serves to highlight 2 things. 1) Keepup with new learning technology. 2) Press on with upgrading.
Sincere thanks.

Jane said...


I included a link to your Fibonacci BubbleShare on my Blog and attributed it to you.
Hope this is OK?
Could not get BubbleShare to add to my blog - maybe an EduBlog limitation?
I like your ideas about technology and maths.