Thursday, 12 July, 2007

Brain teasers/ videos

We teachers all the time are discussing problems given in the text books and the students also get use to accept this as a regular feature. When there is an inter school mathematics competition or general Olympiads, we expect good results from the students. On the real side we actually are not training the young achievers to solve the non routine problems. In the process a stereotype approach of doing /solving math problems gets registered permanently into the young minds. I personally feel that if we would spend some time on taking up variety of problems in the classroom, it will surely help the students to tackle the non routine problems asked in various competitive examinations.
One way could be taking up simple brain teasers. It is an excellent way to improve the critical thinking, develop on logical thinking and problem solving skills of the students.
Recently, I visited and found various videos on math teasers. It is really a pool of useful resources. You can reach there by the following URL

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