Tuesday, 10 July, 2007

eways Probability

In class X C.B.S.E. Mathematics syllabus, the concept of Probability is introduced for the first time to the students. The students more or less cram the idea and do the questions using the formula. But when they actually experiment on probability they ask the questions like I tossed the coin two times and both the times head appeared so the probability of getting a head is 1 instead of 1/2.
I think this way they will not correctly learn the actual probabilty concepts. To make them understand the actual meaning and interpretation of probability,in my classroom teaching of probabilty I have used the probability Applets given on the web for generating the readings.
E.g. if a coin is tossed 100 times then how many times a head appeared and how many times a tail appeared.Then I ask my students to compare the results with the results which they have learned.
And if we increase the number of throws to 200, 300 or more then the students can actually learn the correct interpretation of probability.
I have designed various probability problems. I am sharing some of them.
Throw a pair of die 200 times .Note down the readings. Calculate the probability of the following
getting sum more than 8 on both the dies.
getting a multiple of 3 on first die .
getting prime number on both the dies.
getting an even sum
I have used the following links for generating the readings.

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