Saturday, 30 June, 2007


I planned my math lesson of teaching angles and measurement using the interactive link elearning for kids given on the Shiksha portal.Firstly, I explored the site and selected the lesson ,then using a projector in my classroom ,I taught the lesson.In the lesson each and every concept related to the topic is well explained.Right from the introduction till the end of the lesson,the students were watching it attentively.They enjoyed the interactive part of the lesson very much.Although there was only one computer available, but I called upon few students to work on the interactive part of the lesson.Then I gave the following link to the students for learning the lesson from home also.
In general, the students are not very sure of measuring correct angles using a protractor.They get confused in placing the protractor at a correct place,to measure the angle. In this lesson the way to keep the protractor for measuring the angle is explained in a very appropriate manner. Even, I felt like attempting the excercises given.After the lesson was over, I could find, a smile on the faces of children. Thats what we want.

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