Tuesday, 19 June, 2007

Mind maps

A pedagogical tool for better learning…
Mind mapping…
Mind maps are self created helpers which promote logical thinking .They are like a guide map which could help our mind to memorise the content of a chapter in a systematic manner. Ever since I came to know about this technology evolution, I am working on its utility in mathematics learning. From the internet I came to know about various open source mind mapping tools which the people all over the world are using in various occupations. Its application is not restricted to business or public/private sectors, but people are using this tool in education field also.
This technique focuses on starting the map with a centralized concept/ idea and then emerging from it are various branches which are related to the main concept.It trains our mind to start from a main idea and then to generate suitably the upcoming nodes, linking with each other in a structured manner explaining about the whole idea.It is like a help which is mapping knowledge for remembering a concept for future reference. In a mind mapping tool we have a freedom of using lines, colours, arrows, branches or some other way of showing connections between the ideas generated on the mind map. There are lots of symbols available which helps us in making a structured mind map from a central idea to its evolving branches.Mapping may be seen as a type of brainstorming.For the students it can act like a master tool for preparing for the contents of a subject during the examination time..
Watch a video about Mind Mapping with Tony Buzan

Make online mind maps .

Go to http://www.mind42.com/

Freemind is an open source tool for making mind maps.


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ryan said...

well u see i got a homework from school and i need to do a mind map about fractions,decimals and percentages. can u help me?